Ohhhhhhhh I’m BACK!  My podcast is back up and running everyone!  While I can’t promise when the updates will occur (they will be monthly, stop complaining) I can tell you that they will be between 45 minutes and 1 hour, they will be updated monthly and feature lots of different music I’ve been listening to during that month.  These podcasts will include new and old music, and they will NOT interfere with my Music Monday duties (except once a month when the podcasts launches).

I had to spend a large amount of time debugging the new podcast server yesterday so hopefully everything is up and working for everyone (if you have issues, please let me know in the comments below).  I already checked iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play Store and everything is submitted, working and searchable in all your favorite apps!

Here is the track list for this months episode;

  • Debo Intro (it’s new!)
  • What So Not & GANZ – Lone (ft. Joy)
  • Keys n Krates – Hypnotik
  • Karma Fields – Sweat (Soulji Remix)
  • Bingo Players – Rattle (Luminox Remix)
  • Giggs – Lock Doh (Alex Ross Remix)
  • Mercer – Turn It Up (Tchami Remix)
  • Calippo – Make It Through (Original Extended Mix)
  • Sons of Maria – Feels Like Summer (Original Extended Mix)
  • EDX – My Friend (Original Extended Mix)
  • Sonny Fodera – You & I (ft. Janai) [Extended Mix]
  • Flight Facilities – With You (MAM Remix) [ft. Grosvenor]
  • 3LAU – Is It Love (Sultan + Shepard Remix) [ft. Yeah Boy]
  • Wolfgang Gartner – Baby Be Real (ft. John Oates)

Hope everyone enjoys this return to pod_casting for me.  I’m excited to be doing this again.  Let me know if you enjoy it, somehow, someway! 🙂

iTunes Link

Stitcher Link

PS… Google is being slow and useless, here is a link to the play store, in case it doesn’t show up by searching….. (I’m on it though, don’t stress)
Google Play Sucks

Thanks again for stopping by and listening 🙂