So I promised we would get happier & moar uptempo to get ready for the weekend and happier & uptempo we shall get!!  This song is double awesome because it’s a current internet craze and it’s from one of my sneaky favorite (Aussie) duos. Bombs Away has been on my radar since super soaker dropped around seven years ago (I actually loved the poorly mastered first version they released online better than the studio release, so look for the original YouTube video). Also, just recently they released Sneak Out and I absolutely loved it.  They don’t have much depth, but you can’t help but be happy while listening to their party anthem type music. 

Check out Pen Pinneapple Pen remix below and it’s even a free download, the download links are in the YouTube description. šŸ™‚

See you tomorrow for the weeks final Music Monday celebration!

Debo forward//