The last day of November and i decide it’s a good idea to be late, man I’m such a slacker.  First, and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded and streamed my new, return, comeback podcast.  I can share some statistics with you; iTunes smoked all platforms with 127 unique downloads & 312 streams, Google Play is not tracking properly (thanks Google) and Stitcher was an amazing….. ONE (thanks one person!).  Anyways, thanks again and it’s a big sigh of relief to know that people are listening and enjoying.  The next will be the real test to see if anyone truly enjoys my lame commentary and music choices.

So for this late post, I’m rewarding you with FIVE SONGS, so you can just shut up and not complain…..  Not like you would anyways, it’s free and there isn’t much to complain about really.  I was thinking that as a “WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE!” I will throw a random wildcard pick in here sometimes.  Maybe an old song, or a random song I find while shopping or something.  Today will be the first for that.  So for the singular song, that I will post on Instagram, I pick…… 3lau – You want more.  I LOVE this song!

So for a couple other random picks;

Lincoln Jesser – Lost With you

Jalen Santoy – No Peace

WILD CARD (This is from 2011)  Azad – Diesel