This month’s mix is inspired by a recent trip to VEGAS!  This is one of those super fun, get out of your seat and dance around mixes and I really enjoyed creating it!  I hope you guys enjoy the new microphone, and new mix 🙂  I started things off slow, so even if this comes on during shuffle you can eaaaaasssseeee into the dirty-ness :p

  1. Lexy Panterra – Bloodshot (Srno Remix)
  2. Mallrat – For Real (Original)
  3. Chris Lake – I Want You
  4. Sikdope – Snakes (Original)
  5. Taiki Nulight – Super Doopah Legend (Original)
  6. Clarx – Titans (ft. Uplink)
  7. Chocolate Puma, Oliver Heldens – Space Sheep (Original)
  8. Robin Thicke – Feel Good (Oliver Heldens Remix)
  9. Cazzette – Sleepless (Made in Norway Remix)
  10. Dear David – I’ve Been Waiting (Mike Vale Remix)
  11. Tchami – Prophecy (Original)
  12. Two Friends – Overdose (TRU Concept Remix)
  13. Mac Miller – Day One (A Song About Nothing)

See ya next month!! 🙂