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Voice Game?

While reading some voice overs for my recent GoPro review a good friend of mine said “Dang, you’d be amazing at voice over stuff.”  Joking around I sent a quick audio clip of something funny and she loved it.  She then gave me a challenge to “write” and perform a short story about “my first…


This Music Monday will be special.  I want to write you a little something about this piece of music and how it’s effected me.  The wonderful thing about music for me (and anyone who puts a value on music) is that it affects everyone different.  It can show you things it can’t show me, might…

welcome to the new page!

Welcome to the new DJ Debo webpage.  A long time in the making, and basic, it will serve it’s purpose to showcase some music I love and funny moments while broadcasting.  I will continue to supply new music every Monday (youtube links, free bees are for suckers) and update you on travels, funny moments and whatever else I have time to write here.

First off, a new mix.  I promised this when I hit 1k followers on Facebook and never delivered.  Sadly moving to Cali has put a damper on my music creation but I have faith I can provide new mixes and content very soon.  The new mix is called “Go Deep” and it’s one I completed roughly a year ago but never released (lazy butt that I am).  I hope you enjoy it, I “lost” it and then found it recently while digging through some legacy files I was trying to organize.

That’s it for me right now, I’ve got lots of exciting things to share soon.  If you have a spare moment, go visit my new friend Yoki Sounds Like here;

listen here:

download here;

godeep download