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September 2017

First one back with a non-mixed bunch of tracks I really wanted to share with everyone.  I’m also testing out a new podcast processing piece so you maaaaaaay be able to skip songs now and find this new format mega enjoyable 🙂 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS

August 2017

Welcome back music lovers!  Extra special podcast as we have a little bit of everything dance music.  I hope you enjoy this one as it’s all over the place; house, dubstep, breaks and even some instrumentals mixed in! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS

October 2016’s Greatest Finds

Here is a link to a 35 song playlist for Google Play Music, which I use to stream and find new music.  You can still click on the link and find all the song names, to make your own playlist in whatever service you use.  This is a nice mix of everything I’ve been listening…


I can’t help but post this, because my face just melted from this amazing piece of music.  19 minutes of pure audio and visual bliss!  He also says the new album drops “soon.”

october sixth listen

New music is popping up everywhere this week. I’ve got so much to listen to that I decided with the new website and all, I should post some more current favorites. Here are a couple new albums you should check out; paradis – recto verso tycho – epoch detroit swindle – the circular city EP…