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oooooooooooooo snap!  New Oliver! New Oliver! NEWWWWW OLLLLLIVER!!!!!  Get exctied, because not only is the song amazing, the video will blow your hair back as well!  Enjoy music lovers 🙂


sim·plic·i·ty  –  simˈplisədē/  -?> Starship by Grant.

Voice Game?

While reading some voice overs for my recent GoPro review a good friend of mine said “Dang, you’d be amazing at voice over stuff.”  Joking around I sent a quick audio clip of something funny and she loved it.  She then gave me a challenge to “write” and perform a short story about “my first…

Music Monday! March 27 2017

YO YO YO!  Today’s Music Monday will be an entire remix EP (Zeds Dead Frontlines Remix ep), because there are no rules and I do what I want 🙂  My favorite is the Kid Froopy remix, what’s yours?

March Podcast 2017

This month’s mix is inspired by a recent trip to VEGAS!  This is one of those super fun, get out of your seat and dance around mixes and I really enjoyed creating it!  I hope you guys enjoy the new microphone, and new mix 🙂  I started things off slow, so even if this comes…

Music Monday! March 20 2017

Oh man do I love this song.  I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve listened to this song so many times in the past six months.  It’s a departure from my normal listening, and I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Music Monday! March 13 2017

Today, I had the track all picked out.  I was super excited, I had a video and I was so stoked to share it with you…. Then Niko the Kid had to go and drop one of the best remixes of the year and force me to double up today’s pick(s).  Enjoy a nice healthy…

MUSIC MONDAY! March 6 2017

Today was a difficult decision, because I love the remix I chose, but the original is also amazingly, amazing.  So anyways, today I went with the remix, but you need to listen to both 😉  Today’s song is; Kid Froopy – BB (Four Missed Texts) (WRLD Remix).  Enjoy music lovers!


This Music Monday will be special.  I want to write you a little something about this piece of music and how it’s effected me.  The wonderful thing about music for me (and anyone who puts a value on music) is that it affects everyone different.  It can show you things it can’t show me, might…

February Podcast 2017

February 2017 Podcast is now available.  A couple changes, no moar guest intros because I’m lazy (sorry, too much going on!).  Sorry to those of you that wanted in on that, but I may contact you and make you a drop, I’ll be in touch 🙂  Also, I’m no longer introducing each track.  No one…